Tuesday, January 17, 2012

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco
"San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth." - William Saroyan
It is hard not to think about how magical San Francisco is every time I visit this place. I spent a lovely day drinking coffee, thrifting, and photo taking with the beautiful and talented Isla. She took all of these photos which explains why they look so wonderful! I couldn't choose, so this post is a bit of a photo overload, sorry!
I drove down from Tahoe this morning guzzling excessive amounts of chai on the way. My good friend Caleb fixed my truck for me; I am so thankful for him! He spent six hours outside in the 20 degree weather loosening the nuts on the master cylinder(at one point I had to do an emergency hitch hike to get WD40), bleeding the brakes, and replacing the master cylinder. I feel like I'm constantly reminded what wonderful friends I have.
Life is still in a general state of upheaval; I have been applying for jobs all over the place, including San Francisco, so I'm here for interviews and to catch up with old friends again. I'm hoping something turns up soon!

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco

Boots: Thrifted; Skirt, Top, Coat: Borrowed from Isla's closet and her shop; Bolo: Vintage


Maria Ramona said...

indeed, the girl's got skills! these are beautiful shots and i'm digging that coat on you. glad to hear you had a wonderful day in the city.

Polina said...

Cute outfit! Good luck on the job hunt, I'm also looking for a full time job for the summer time!

Frannie Pantz said...

This is my favorite of your outfits yet! I LOOOOOOVE the coat so much! I got engaged in San Fran in November. I will always treasure that city. Great photos as well!

allie said...

love your fur coat. you look so cute!

check out my blog? i always follow back <3

Katrina said...

lovely! the outfit is perfectly colour-coordination. i love your curls

xo katrina

Little Tree Vintage said...

loving the photos! i miss SF!

Sara said...

Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your skirt, what a great color and that coat is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your boots rock! You have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Anonymous said...

that coat looks fantastic on you! i have been hunting for a coat just like it and when i saw this one it only made me want one more! i really like how you styled it with all neutrals...and that bolo is killer! :)

Hollie said...

Your coat is gorgeous. Great photography!

two birds said...

you look like a perfectly chic city gal! i love the outfit, and you're right, the pictures are gorgeous!

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