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Well, I jumped on Zoe's bolomania train. Once you start you just can't stop! I have another bolo that goes with this which is an awesome beaded aztec thing, but I love the way this eagle keeps everything classy. I got it at a vintage store on Brick Lane in London. Easily my favorite area, if I ever move back to the UK that is where I would love to live! The store was really funny, it had lots of western stuff like cowboy boots and big belt buckles. I went all the way across the pond and ended up buying stuff that reminded me of California!
I love this skirt to bits (quite literally, it is falling to pieces) but I think it has almost gotten to the point of indecency! There is a hole in the back that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and one day working at the rafting company I wore this and ended up getting way more tips than usual. Well, I turned around and realized why...I may as well have just been wearing my bikini bottoms and skipped the skirt!
Do any of you have clothes like this that you love and just don't want to get rid of?
Boots, Shirt, Sweater, Bolo: Thrifted/Vintage; Skirt: Topshop


Anonymous said...

I feel like this is a little bit 80s and I'm loving the vibe!

xo Jennifer

Hanna said...

So many clothes like that. that I just can't bring myself to get rid of! I love the eagle! and the stitches of the jumper. so pretty. next time I am in london I will make sure to head over that way.

Stef / Diversions said...

Love the bolo - the eagle is lovely!
I am that way about some of my dresses. Usually I'll try and mend holes or add patches but with some materials that's just not possible so every time a new tear crops up I decide I'll throw it out "after just one more wear" but it never seems to happen.. :)

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