Monday, January 9, 2012

Wine Country




Recently I went to Napa to visit my lovely friend Becky who is one cool bird lady! Right now she is studying birds in Florida (on fan awesome) but she has been all over the U.S. and the world studying them. It was lovely to get to chat with her and she took us on a great little walking tour of Yountville. She also gave us the gift of some amazing cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery. We couldn't have been happier!



This trip was particularly special because my sisters came with me. It's not often that we are all in the same country long enough to spend time together. My sister Naomi is just about to head back to where she is working in Africa, so I won't see her for another six months or so. It has been great having her at home! Every time we all get together we tend to get pretty silly...we found a forked branch that looked like a great divining rod for finding water so we ran around trying to find hidden water sources without much luck. We also stumbled across a free pile with a wealth of interesting coffee table books. I got one about the moon, and some bungee cords to keep in my truck. NBD.


We were walking around at sunset and it was beautiful to see the colors washing over the vines. Have any of you ever been to Napa?



So pretty! Love these photos!

Hanna said...

What beautiful photos! I would love to visit Napa! Maybe in a few years...

Sam said...

These photo's are beautiful indeed! Napa looks like a gorgeous place...


jhopes70 said...

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Jovanna said...

Funny true story: I had no idea about Napa Valley and my theater professor was called Napa. So once at class he told me about Napa Valley and that wine producers produce excellent wine over there.At first I didnt believe his story so I had to google it and check if its true.hahaha.. Your post reminded me of that story. Thanks for sharing :)

The little world of fashion said...

The first photo is cool

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