Thursday, January 5, 2012






Here I am with my favorite man, Blue. He's my roommate's dog and is as wonderful as can be! Every time his dad is working, I take Blue out on adventures in my truck. We've been on many a hike and swim together!




This is a really good example of how hot it is in Tahoe right now. The other day I was even wearing flip flops! I'm not going to lie, I kinda like the warm weather, but we need some snow for the economy. I feel so bad for all of the people who are out of a job and are needing one to come through soon so that they can stay in this magical place. If you can take a moment out of your day, do a snow dance for us please!



Boots and Scarf: Thrifted; Dress: Target

Have you been having any crazy weather where you live?


Lis said...

love this look Lucy!

Michal, North Country Girl said...

It's been so warm in NH too. We really need it to snow because everyone counts on the ski resort business around here... plus I miss it! hehe

I looove your dress though, and that pooch looks like a good pal.

Jo said...

Ohh, what a truly dreamy location! <3 and I love your dress - the colour is beautiful!

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Katrina said...

i like your look. it is so cool. the scenery is so beautiful! well jealous

xo katrina

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Love your dress and your dog. So active and happy!
Weather here (Greece) is crazy, one day is rainy, the other is sunny..

Anonymous said...

Those boots are a great thrift find! What thrift store?

xo Jennifer

b and e said...

love the scarf!


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