Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chic at Chictopia


Hi my loves! Here’s a quick post to show you my outfit from the Chictopia Conference. Starr of A Thought is the Blossom was kind enough to snap some pictures for me. She has more on her camera, I’m hoping to borrow them soon! The Chictopia Conference was amazing. I was really impressed and had a great time meeting lovely girls and hearing the speakers. I’m going to do a big post about it tomorrow. Jeez, I am so addicted to my photo editing software, I love the vintage look. Must control myself!


Erm...does anyone see what the podium I am standing on says? Hilarious! There were tons of them in Union Park. I snapped a picture of Jen and Jasmine (who did a great job speaking at the Chictopia conference!) standing on a different podium which was even more amusing.


Shoes: Steve Madden; Shorts: UO; Belt: Thrifted; Shirt: TJ Maxx; Scarf: Vintage Paco Rabanne; Assorted Jewellery: Topshop, Vintage, Thrifted


I have to go take a nap before the Juicy Party because I’m kind of a grandma. Anyone seen some good designs from fashion week? I’ve been so busy running around I haven’t been paying attention to the clothes, which is what it’s all about!


v a m p i r e said...

the podium is so awesome, glad to see u girls had so much fun said...

Aw! You're so so so cute in these photos. I can't believe you had time to post this today in between going home to change and having a power nap.


Amber Blue Bird said...

cute photos, it looks like fun

Jasmine said...

you are stunning!!! i am with jenny--you're amazing for posting these so quickly! i am in love with all your photos and how you edited them :) do you mind emailing the photo (possibly photos?) of jen and i? my email is:

ah i miss you already! i can't wait to see you next year <3 thank goodness i just got a twitter so we can all stay in touch!

Claggie said...

Cute podium and outfit! :)

E said...

I recognize those girls! i'm so jealous you got to go! I love how you combined the patterned scarf and top and shorts! They work wonderfully!

Rio said...

Cute outfit as always, and I bet you had so much fun! Also loving the vintage editing! :)

specialsparklecarnival said...

Haha I like that podium!
You look very pretty in these photos! Nice Outfit ;)

rebecca said...

i want to find these podiums! perfect for outfit photos ;)

Signe said...

I love this outfit :) Looks very chick and effortless!

Amanda said...

Your outfit is so cute! I love the top paired with those shorts and the scarf you added is amazing :]

I love those podiums! Especially the one you're standing on!

Ivania said...

those podiums are brilliant artworks! saving them on my PC! the little girl one is just how I feel about my little daughter

Anonymous said...

what photo editing software are you using? i want to have those kind of effect like yours. thanks! :D

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