Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brooklyn Baby

Brooklyn Baby

Brooklyn Baby

I’m finally in New York! Hooray! It has been a little crazy getting settled in here, because there has been so much fashion week stuff going on. Meeting so many bloggers has been absolutely lovely and I’ve had a great time with all of them. Annie, of Time Enough for Drums, and Jennie, of Fashion For Writers and I did a silly photo shoot in Central Park which involved balloons, frolicking, and probably indecent exposure because my skirt was slightly shorter than I realized pre-photo shoot. Perhaps that is why I can’t go a day without the portly gentleman who sits on a folding chair outside the deli near my apartment telling me I have a “hot body”? Yeah, he’s a little creepy.

Brooklyn Baby

Brooklyn Baby

I want to talk more about the IFB conference and the renegade blogger meetup, but for now I’ll leave you with these photos from my rooftop. I have a bad cold and feel slightly delirious so I should probably wait until I’m in a saner state of mind! I feel as if I’ve been neglecting my blog with all of the excitement.

Sunnies: UO, Sweater, Belt and Shorts: Vintage, Shoes: Target

Brooklyn Baby

Brooklyn Baby

I miss you guys! Is there anything you want to see on here in the near future? I’ve toyed with a few ideas...more outfit or food posts, perhaps posts about Manhattan as I start discovering it, or more how-to’s? I would love to hear your feedback!


julia said...

Lucy! I love your shorts (actually, scratch that, your entire outfit). You definitely remind me of I Love Lucy, though I'm sure you're sick of those puns. :) It was so lovely meeting you at the meetup.

PS: I love your posts about food. And of yourself. But yummmmm food.

Kirstin said...

Such great red shorts. I love the pop of red they add!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Loving those red shorts and the belt is killer

Robyn said...

Great shorts. Jealous that I'm not in NY right now too.

rebecca said...

lucky you to be in new york! i looove your shorts too (:

The Velvet Bow said...

Such pretty photos, the lighting is divine.

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