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Well hey there guys. Life has been so good lately! Yesterday I had the day off so I made oatmeal whole wheat pancakes with strawberry, mango and ginger sauce for breakfast, and went on a beautiful hike to Eagle Lake with my friends Rachel and Bobby. The hike was pretty snowy; we had record breaking amounts of snow this year (in some resorts the last time they experienced this much snow, almost 700 inches of snowpack, was in the 1880's) so lots of it still hasn't melted! Luckily we came prepared with our hiking boots and Tahoe mettle and we made it up the mountain to the lake, which was deserted, since everyone else had turned back because of the snow. We watched some blue jays flitting about through the trees and took lots of pictures. Last night I had the last spring session of my writing class, and then headed out to get some post writing drinks. It's interesting, I feel like I know so many intimate details of these women's lives because of reading their stories and poems, yet I've never really talked to them outside of class. It was so much fun to hang out with them without writing, they are such a hilarious bunch! After our drinks I headed back to my house in the boonies, where the local pizza place was having a going away party for my friend Kim. They had a DJ, jello shots, unlimited serve your own beers on tap, and free pool, so it was a great party! I am sad to see her go but she's moving to Portland, so she will definitely be one more friend to visit on my list of people-I-love-who-live-in-awesome-places. Today I drove back down to San Francisco because I have to get my fingerprints taken because I am getting my US citizenship(!).




Fascinator, Shorts, Belt, Earrings: Vintage; Cropped Tee: Ross; Sandals: Steve Madden
I really like how these photos turned out. I just took the camera I am carrying, a Pentax, into the shop because the shutter wasn't coming back up again after taking pictures. Of course when I went into the shop it was working perfectly fine. Boy, did the camera repair guy make me feel dumb!




What do you like to do on your days off?


Rachel said...

Wow, hard to believe there's still snow out there! Those pancakes sound really yummy, too. :D

Michal said...

First off, those pancakes sound ridiculous. I bet I could eat a whole batch. Also, you have the longest legs in the world!! So jealous! You look gorgeous & I love your scarf. Lastly.. where are you from? I just assumed you were American but then you mentioned US Citizenship? :o

On my days off I like to take long walks or road trips & explore someplace new. Also beers with friends. :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

your pancake breakfast sounds amazing. oh and your legs look about a mile high, wish mine looked like that :)

fashionforwriters.com said...

Hi darling. You look so beautiful and strong in that outfit, with your camera slung around like so, like so, like so. I feel so happy every time I read about your life up in those snowy mountains. Eep, congratulations on soon getting your US citizenship! I want to take a trip to San Francisco so badly, but the trip may have to wait until I don't know when. The photos did come out beautiful. I have been thinking about NY last September, and how much fun it was to chat with you and how I hope there's more chats to be had in the future with you!

<3 Jenny

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Super cute outfit! Love the shoes! The photos look really great! What kind of filters do you use?

Following you right back :)

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

I just love that you wore a fascinator, something I consider dressed up, with such an awesome casual outfit. I'm totally going to have to try this, hope I can pull it off as well as you did. And dude, your breakfast sounds amazing. You're such a lucky girl to live in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful people. We'll have to all hang out when Isla gets back from her travels.

islabell said...

all this sounds wonderful! I am getting a bit overwhelmed with city life. Love the neutrals in this outfit lady.

I'm off on Monday....I should be excited but I just have so much to do. Think it will hit me on the plane.


p.s. the savers in daily city shut down :(
p.p.s. we need to go on a thrifting weekend when I get back

Sarah said...

Great look. I love your shoes and your camera!


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Oh if I had your body Lucy dear, I would wear this outfit in a heart beat. I love the high waisted shorts with the cropped top :) Congrats on becoming a US citizen! I can't believe it's still snowing there where you are!

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