Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Garden/"Hi, my truck is famous!"

Dear Fish Outfit

Dear Fish Outfit

I'm inordinately excited about the fact that there is a picture of my truck in the San Francisco Chronicle today. I'm a big dork, but here's the link. Kind of cool, huh?

Dear Fish Outfit

I am so happy about springtime and the fact that I can wear these Steve Madden heels again! I bought them in the middle of my road trip last summer when we had been on a pretty big shopping ban so I was so excited to wear them. I still love them lots!

Dear Fish Outfit

I normally wear this skirt as a dress but I decided for once to wear it the way it was made to be worn, and I loved swishing about in it. I normally chop any long skirt that I buy because I like them to be mini length but I think I could get used to wearing them like this; I felt so ladylike all day!

Dear Fish Outfit

Dear Fish Outfit

We have been doing some major home improvement projects at my place; the other day we moved almost 2 cords of wood into our shed and we've also cleared our patio and started making space for our garden. I can't wait to start growing lettuce, herbs and other delicious things!

Dear Fish Outfit

Dear Fish Outfit
Do any of you have a backyard garden? If so I would love any advice you can give me!


amanda said...

oh i love this skirt! and the length is so pretty :) i wish i had a garden space. i'm not much of a yard gal, but i would love to grow fresh veggies. hope yours is awesome.

Sarah said...

I ador this look. I especially love the belt, very interesting and unique!

Roz said...

Great pairing of that amazing belt with those rather fabulous shoes. I love skirts that swish around my knees. I always feel as though I walk differently in a full skirt!

Amber Blue Bird said...

cute look, love those shoes! Oh and I would so be crazy excited if my car were to ever become famous :)

Michal said...

hahaha I would totally get just as excited if that was my truck. Congrats on having a celebrity vehicle! [: This skirt is really super pretty. I've been loving wearing longer skirts like that lately, but I always want to pair them with really high heels like you're doing here. They make me feel so fancy.

Stef / Diversions said...

Looking great :) This skirt makes a great dress but clearly it's a lovely skirt too :)

I was quite excited when I ended up getting caught on google street view cycling down the road :) Your truck is more photogenic than my bike though ;D

I have a few plants in our little back garden and struggle to remember to water the poor things. Thank goodness my husband picks up the slack :D

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Loving that skirt length on you Lucy! You look so good! I can't believe they're still snow where you are! The lighting in these photos are so ethereal! Love it! Be sure to show pics of your cute gardens! Ah!

the nyanzi report said...

Unfortunately i do not have a back garden so no words from me but i love this look. Great styling.

islabell said...

haha your truck is famous lucy! I love your skirt/sometimes dress lady. Midi's always make me feel like a lady.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i LOVE that skirt! it looks like a vintage gunne sax! =)

Bad Taste Toast said...

I love the photos! And I love the outfits too! Very pretty photos!

Bad Taste Toast said...

oh sorry outfit -s ;)

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