Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Live from Woodstack


If you follow me on twitter you know we've been having a major wood stacking sesh over at my Tahoe HQ. Our next door neighbors moved out and left three cords of wood behind so we have been stealthily moving it into our woodshed, along with splitting up the big rounds they left behind. Working the axe all day has been giving me some serious shoulder muscles, that's for sure! Hope you're all having a fab Tuesday. I'm off for a glass of wine and some games of pool!


Are any of you doing Kaelah Bee's 30 day mind and body detox challenge? Her two ideas, to make the internet a happier place by abstaining from negative blogging, and cutting out sugar from her diet, are such good ones! I always try to avoid putting negative thoughts out into the interwebs, so I'm going to have to think about a "mind" challenge, but I'm pretty sure my "body" challenge will be trying to practice yoga 5 times a week. My body is going all soft since the ski season is over (and I'm not working out for 8 hours a day) so I need to do something to get my strength back! Let me know if you're participating, I think it's a great idea!


Rory said...

Heck yes first...

Stealthily chopping wood is definitely an accomplishment, but anyway I believe that since Tahoe is an amazing spot for mountain biking you should get one of those and hit the trails( once the snow melts obviously) it's a good work out and the views are superb and it's low cost. I'm not a big fan of yoga (had to do it a lot for rowing) one it makes you pretty sore more so then working out and you look like a goober doing it but then again I'm a guy and yoga isn't our forte. I think the idea of no negative views is great although it's kinda hard to abide by sometimes.


christine donee said...

you are awesome.

and those photos are great!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Lucy! You probably know that I am doing the detox as well! It is all ready making a difference in my day to day troubles - big and small. I am so pumped about how well it's going and how many people are joining in and benefiting it. Gorgeous blog - I really love the photos and the style of them!

Anonymous said...

... Hehe. Correction - benefiting 'from' it. I got a little excited :P

Marisa Violeta said...

I always love your photos and this is no exception :) Lovely!

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