Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome Home


Hi all! Sorry to have disappeared from blogland for a moment, life has been throwing me some crazy surprises that have taken precedence over my usual posting!



First of all...I moved! My new house is tiny and darling, and I love everything about it. There is a pot bellied stove that heats the whole house, I fall asleep at night to the sounds of snow shifting on the roof, my oven is called the "Magic Chef", I have two awesome roommates, one of whom is a ski patrol dog, there's plenty of room in the closet for my clothes, and I have been using our tiny kitchen to bake bread and make some awesome cookie creations! I LOVE living here and there are so many friends close by; as we live in the ski patrol compound, at least that's what we've taken to calling it because most of the patrollers live on our street. We've been having bonfires and guitar playing get togethers, and it's been wonderful.

Everything in this outfit is thrifted except my shorts which are from UO. Aren't those shoes darling? They are one of my Reno thrift trip finds...the shoes in every thrift store I've been in in Reno have been fantastic.


In other news, the snow has been totally crazy here! We had 4 days where we got almost 100 inches and then a few days later got another 4 feet. Last night we also had a mini snowstorm, so it looks like we're in for a long season with lots more powder days!



Can you see my goggle tan in this picture?

I have been loving life lately; being out of my old house which was a stifling and negative experience has a lot to do with it I think. There have been trips to Reno, weekly fish taco nights, so many baked goods, adventures in the health food store, some exciting thrifting finds, wine nights in with Gossip Girl or Greys Anatomy, many powder days (and I demo-ed Volkl Mantras...such awesome skis!), hiking Quail Face for the first time, silly card game nights, friends friends friends everywhere, visiting home for a few sweet days, my birthday bonfire/happy lovefest, "kiss me in the water's like a rainforest", pizza/apples to apples nights, and plans for the summer. I hope you are all having a joyful time as well!



Give me a little update on what you've been doing with your lives, I've missed you!


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Aww Lucy! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and loving life as you should be! I've missed seeing your gorgeous face so don't disappear on me again hehe <3 Your new house looks so cute--like out of one those Christmas movies hehe!

Rachel said...

Beautiful house, especially with all the snow! Happy to hear everything's going well! :D

Danielle said...

Sounds like your having an amazing time! I'd love to live your life, although I can't ski, that could be a problem!;). I'm glad to hear your doing well and loving life! You house looks adorable, I love it! The outfit is gorgeous too! :D

Lauren said...

Your new house is *adorable*! It's almost exactly like my grandparents' house in the mountains, down to the quilt. You're so lucky to be living in such a gorgeous place!

islabell said...

LUCY! i love your new house. It looks so cosy. i will have to come visit.....and we shall have to detour to Reno.... those shoes are amazing!

blouse said...

i love that cute little house!! i think moving into a new place is so much fun!

and those shoes. amazing. and so is your cape.

welcome back!


AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Your house is so cute! It reminds me of skiing trips to Shaver Lake as a child. I always loved those cabins. Your outfit is adorable too.

jamie-lee said...

Your new home sounds gorgeous, and looks it from what I can see! Love the outfit darling, beautiful x

Stef / Diversions said...

Your new home is totally fairytale! Congrats on your move :) and a belated happy birthday too if I am interpreting that bonfire correctly ;)

Your blouse is just lovely as are those cute shoes! Not to forget: You have one sweet suitcase :D

Sounds like you've had a great time, good to hear about all the positive changes. When where you live doesn't feel like home it 's an awful downer. So glad you've moved into a fairytale instead!

Danielle said...

Your new house is so cute! And I'm jealous of those shoes! In reply to your comment, I am enjoying having a smaller part!

Michal said...

Ooo you look so adorable (those shoes!!) I've missed your posts so much! Your new place is SO darling. I dream of living in a little home with wood paneling like that, somewhere up in the mountains.

Ria :) said...

love your outfit :)


Kelly said...

Your new home is ADORABLE! At first I thought it was a pic from the internet! Your new life sounds idyllic. I hope you enjoy every moment. :) Congratulations!

Georgia Rose said...

Oh my gosh, your new home is gorgeous and everything out of the frame sounds wonderful too! Those shoes are wonderful too, I have terrible luck when it comes to thrifting shoes.

Stacey Kay said...

Your house looks lovely and cozy and like the perfect winter retreat!

Thanks so much for stopping back to my blog, I appreciate the comments!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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My Vintage Handbag Line

ching said...

awww your room is amazing!

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