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Stunning lack of outfit posts lately, sorry! Mostly due to the obscene amount of snow we've been having. Don't get me wrong, I love skiing in this, but I kind of hope that spring is around the corner. We've had 10 feet in the past week (adding on to the 10 feet we had a few weeks ago, plus a foot or two last week), and my little house has been buried. I'm a little tired of digging my car out of a wall of snow every day and fighting with the fire to get it going. BUT, I was just having talking to a friend last night about this; while I love complaining about how it takes me forever to drive to the grocery store or get gas, or not having mail service because of the snow, I would way rather spend two hours getting my little fire going than being squashed on a subway underground with about a million other people, which is what I was doing all the time in New York. I have always thought that I'm a city girl (and in some ways I am, but it depends on the city...I'd live in San Francisco or Paris any day) but I've come to realize that I love living in a smaller more rural area. Being surrounded by trees, amazing sunsets and the Lake is such a blessing, as is the support that comes from knowing so many members of the small community. After I got my concussion I could not believe how wonderful my friends were for driving me to the hospital and helping me pick up things I needed, as well as co-workers and people from town who checked up on me to see if I was ok. There is definitely something to be said for this lifestyle I think!

Here's a little glimpse of the view, or lack of it, out of my window:


I love this coat although I rarely wear it; it has this awesome androgynous look to it that doesn't really go with the girlyness of most of my clothes. Last time I wore it I was flouncing about in lots of white lace, so I suppose I don't always need to toughen it up with boots and jeans. This outfit is all vintage, except the jeans, which are from Uniqlo. I have honestly never found better fitting jeans, and they are so cheap too!



I am sooo excited for spring. I want to wear lots of floral dresses, ride my bike and clip clop around in a beautiful pair of Swedish Hasbeens. What are you looking forward to doing in the springtime?




islabell said...

I cant believe it is still snowing! its thunderstorms here. there have been trees knocked down all over the neighborhood... That wool coat looks loving and warm, and i dont know if i told you this but i have major lemon yellow reno cardi envy! i love it!
Stay warm love,
i hope to see your face soon

loveandpeaceF said...

Wow! I have never seen that much snow! I'm from a small town in arkansas so I understand how you can like the rural atmosphere since i've grown up in it, and I've always felt like I would love living in a big city but I think I would miss all the neigbors and feeling of knowing EVERYONE i see, aha :) And I LOVE your outfit, I'm kind of obsessed with trench coats and your's is great!


Michal said...

That is SO much snow. I will stop complaining about ours. haha I am soooo excited for Spring. I'm excited for mud puddles and ice coffee and no tights!

The Cat Hag said...

Wow, your photos are amazing, especially the one of the snow piled up high against the window!

Hehe, I can't stand the cold at all, I will turn into a popsicle if I were you! ;P

The Cat Hag

*Katia* said...

thanks for your nice comment,i love those pictures in the snow!

Stef / Diversions said...

Whoa, your little house is hiding! :)
I am looking forward to sitting in the grass at lunchtime but I am lucky, I already got the smell of blossoms in my nose round here

Happy weekend!

Amy McMillan said...

Wow, that is a crazy amount of snow. It's completely the opposite here.. really hot! Well hot for England anyway :)
Love the pictures.

Maryjane said...

WOW that's an impressive amount of snow! You appear to be braving it well. Love the camel coat!

Maryjane xoxo

Andrea said...

This looks like fairytale! I know sometimes we're so tired of snow and every trouble which come with it but maybe we should look at the bright side, how beautiful does snowy nature looks.
But, I can't wait for the spring and all the sandals and maxi dresses:D Yaay for spring :D

Anonymous said...

love this coat, Love!

ashton said...

wow so much snow! amazing pictures x

Anonymous said...

OMG all that snow is giving me nightmares :O too much for a San Diegan!

PS love that coat!

Frankie said...

This looks beautiful! We had a lot of snow in England at the start of the year, It was nice at first but I think I can be satisfied with looking at pictures of other peoples snow for at least another year. Your house looks beautiful by the way :)

Festy said...

I like your style and blog. I'm following it!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

WOW that snow is crazy. Anywho beautiful post.

Jade Berry. said...

Beautiful photos. Cute outfit. lovely blog.

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