Monday, August 2, 2010

Well Hello, Canada

Canada is oh so lovely in the summer! We road tripped up, survived customs ok, and stayed with my lovely friend Jacqueline in Montreal. The old part of Montreal is so pretty, with cobblestone streets, tiny art filled alleyways, and of course, it is right on the water. After Montreal we headed over to Toronto to stay with my cousin. We explored Kensington Market and the arts district, and had an amazing day at Toronto islands. On the way back into the states we had to deal with the most horrible customs lady. We kept our biggest secret quiet...we had a 3 foot long zucchini from my cousin's garden in the trunk!
Our trip is over in one week, but I think I've decided where I'm going to settle for the next year or so. I have been making tentative plans so I'll let you all know at the end of the week. I am so excited to get settled again (and especially have all my clothes and cookbooks back!) Now...picture overload!






After that my camera ran out of battery, which you are probably glad about because I did not take nearly as many pictures as I took in Toronto. Gird your loins!

TI 12

TI 11

TI 10

TI 9
Free Shop!

TI 7

TI 6
This poor peacock had had a lot of his tail feathers stolen.
TI 5
TI 4

TI 3

TI 2

TI 1
Whew! You made it to the end!

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Candycane said...

Great shots .. and great outfits once again :D

Sal xXx

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