Monday, August 23, 2010

Four Simple Goals

England Sunset

The lovely Elsie, of A Beautiful Mess posted this fun idea on her blog. You can find the instructions here, but the general idea is that you pick four simple, life fulfilling goals, and document the time you spend working on them.

4 Simple Goals:

Document my cooking adventures. Anyone who knows me in “real” life knows that I am somewhat of a cooking nut. Well let’s be honest here, it’s really more about the baking. Anything sweet and homemade and I am totally on board. I want to show you guys how I make jam and ice cream, and some of my favourite recipes.

France Sunset

Take more outfit photos. This is one thing I really put off a lot, which is so funny, because it’s the reason why I started this blog. I have to find a way to make it a better experience. I often find that the editing and posting my outfit photos on so many other sites besides my blog take the joy out of it a little bit.

Paint my room. I am moving out to go to New York, but my room has been pretty much the same since I was in 8th grade! My parent’s house is always my base when I come back from my travels and am searching for my next destination, so it would be lovely to have a good creative space waiting for me. It would also be nice for my parent’s guests, who might not appreciate the peace signs and high school pictures adorning my room!

France Sunset

Strive to be happy. I think this job hunt and move are going to be pretty stressful, and I want to make sure that happiness is my first priority. Whether it be taking a break to go for a walk, exploring, doing yoga, or spending time with friends, I want to make a conscious effort not to let myself get too wound up in sorting out the boring parts of my life.

I already started on the strive to be happy one with these pictures. They were all taken during my travels last year, and reminiscing about that never fails to put a smile on my face!

England Sunset

Is anyone else doing this? Send me links to your posts. I want to hear all about it!


KVG said...

I have the exact same trouble motivating myself to photograph my outfits--I love this idea!

Goldenlipgloss said...

I also started my blog because I wanted to post my wonderful outfits and I never got to do it! I always find more interesting things to talk about. :)
I should start a new blog only with my daily looks.

Robyn said...

Those are great goals. Taking more outfit photos is one of mine as well.

eleanor said...

Great idea - love these photos!


v a m p i r e said...

i cant record down my mum's cooking adventures as she hardly cooks :(

i am looking forward to snap more outfit photos with better quality , saving money in my piggy to get a better camera

i love this post and i can relate to most of the posts in your blog , ♥ it

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