Tuesday, August 24, 2010




This was the most annoying shoot! My tripod broke and two of the legs kept awkwardly slipping. I guess that's what I get for using my Dad's 30 year old tripod. It's kind of funny, the tripod has teeth marks on the bottom from a lion that got a little angry when my dad was photographing it in Africa. I love that it has a story. Hopefully I'm taking good enough photos to live up to it!
The lighting was also really weird and I kept on jumping around trying to get the shadows off my face. Then I almost fell down the hill. I brought my dog with me, and he just sat there looking at me like I was nuts.

Floral 3


It has been so wonderful being home, I have been seeing old friends, cooking up a storm, and going for beautiful walks. Isn't this necklace amazing? I got it from
Arkay, which has tons of fun stuff. Check it out if you're in San Francisco!

Floral 2]


Sandals: UO; Dress: F21; Earrings: Handmade; Charm Bracelet: Vintage


Rio said...

Awesome necklace! Your efforts and annoyance at the tripod paid off! The photos look beautiful! :)

Sarah with an "h" said...

Photographing lions in Africa?? What's the story there? That's totally cool! These pictures are beautiful. The lighting may have been weird but it made for some really neat pictures. Your crazy, eventful photo shoot paid off, and this outfit is really cute.


Goldenlipgloss said...

Well, what a entertaining photo shoot you had.
I can imagine your dog's face.. ;)
I love the necklace. I just checked out the website and they have a bunch of beautiful things!Tip noted for my next trip to San Francisco.

Mary said...

Love these pictures and your dress! Wow! Gorgeous!

Great blog; happy I found you!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

ARA said...

lovely dress.xx


KVG said...

Ha ha the lion bit made me smile...
Maybe your dog was jealous that he/she didn't make it into a shot! That dress is gorgeous, I love the lighting of these photos.

v a m p i r e said...

your dog must been wondering what you're doing lol

i love the necklace, its so unique and hey with a broken tripod , the photos still turn out Amazing

i love the floral prints on the dress

m.fay said...

what a darling blog you have. happy to find it. hope you stop by mine and say hello. x


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