Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daisy Days




Well dear readers, I have some exciting news to report. I am moving to New York! I am so excited to experience a new city. I can’t wait to explore and find my favourite parks, bookstores and cafes. Having lots of bloggers around is going to be so much fun too.

I have been searching for a job in New York for a little while now, but no luck yet. It has been a little soul destroying! I was kind of hoping for something cool and awesome but I think at this point I will probably settle for an admin job. That’s ok because I am constantly moving around so hopefully next year I’ll move onto a different city or adventure and find myself doing something exciting. Is anyone else on the job hunt too? I need someone to commiserate with!

It feels good to do an outfit post again, although I am still without resources because I haven’t been able to go back to California yet and pick up my clothes. I am hoping to make it back there in time to catch a little of the peach harvest...my family told me they are having a bumper crop this year. I’m looking forward to making lots of delicious peach jam.

This purse is a recent purchase, mostly because I need one that looks presentable at interviews. I got it very discounted but even then, it was a bit of a stretch price wise! It is so beautiful though and the leather is like buttah. I was on a long train ride with a friend and she pointed out that I had absentmindedly been stroking my purse the whole time. It is that soft!

Sandals: Gap, Skirt: Thrifted, Shirt: H&M, Scarf: Vintage, Purse: Abro





showgirl godzilla said...

aah! welcome to new york! please email me, let me know if you need anything or a tour guide. :)

Rio said...

Cute outfit! How exciting about your move! Good luck with the job hunt!!! ;)

Starr Crow said...

is this one of your few outfits? if so, it's so cute and a good one to have. what a shame you don't have your clothes from SF, but what a relief to be free from outfit photos. i loved your comment, btw, and i think i'm going to start doing that, just takin photos around town when i don't feel like doing self portraits. :) btw, i'll be in NYC for fashion week. you should meet up with me and some other bloggers!!

Sabina said...

Lovely blog!
I would like to invite you to mine - I think you will really like it :))
Also, the main reason for my invitation is that I want to invite you to join my Challenge - just click on the link at the very top of my left sidebar and see what it is - I hope you will find it exciting :)
In any case - I hope you enjoy my blog and of course feel free to follow me if you do! ;)

Much love,

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