Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reservoir Heat - Nashville


Well here we are in Nashville, trying to recover a little bit from Wakarusa while we prepare for Bonnaroo . Wakarusa was pretty mind blowing but so hot! I didn’t really see any of the bands that I wanted to see during the day because it was so humid and sunny that we couldn’t leave our teepee. The nights were fun and we saw some amazing performances, especially Robert Randolph and The Family Band , who I was most excited about seeing.


Now we are staying at the J. Percy Priest reservoir which is so beautiful. Last night we made super fresh vegetable-tastic minestrone over the fire and this morning we woke up to birds outside our tent and took a swim in the lake. I took these pictures in a grove of trees near our campsite.

The dress design is originally from Topshop but I loved it so much that it fell to pieces so my sister got a copy of it made in Vietnam. It is perfect, right down to the reverse pattern lining on the inside and sweet little black buttons.


We are heading off to The Great Smoky Mountains after Bonnaroo and then on a bit further south. In two weeks we will be back in New York for quite a while so hopefully I will catch up with my posting then! I’m so excited about having some new readers, thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Shoes: Topshop Belt: Vintage, from Cream Austin Scarf: Thrifted in Austin



Sarah J said...

I love this outfit!! The dress especially. it reminds me of the movie State Fair (the original 1940s version) Stunning!

showgirl godzilla said...

love love love this whole look- have spent so much time stalking your blog today and i just love it! you wear clothes so beautifully and your hair is awesome! :)

Becca said...

I love summer music festivals! Also, be sure to take tons of pictures, because i think the people, ideas, creativity at the festivals can be such amazing inspirations (fashion or otherwise). I love the dress you have going on here, it's just good easy summer chic! I can picture you sporting this on the lawn of a concert. Have fun!

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