Friday, June 18, 2010


We just left Asheville and it’s one of my favorite cities that we’ve visited so far. It is beautiful, filled with old brick buildings and lots of trees. There are some areas that felt so tropical to me because of the vines climbing over trees and balconies. We stayed with Elise’s friend who works for Hilton, so we were lucky enough to escape from our tent for two nights because he kindly got us a hotel room. He was a wonderful tour guide and showed us all of his favorite hideouts.
I had a really successful day thrifting on the first day we were there and bought a brown wool swing coat with a fur collar for only $5! (On the subject of fur…I am completely opposed to the fur industry and would never buy new fur. However, I feel bad for all of the poor animals that die and then have their pelts end up in some smelly pile in Goodwill.) A pair of beautiful red sandals also caught my eye along with this dress, so I’m thinking I may have to pass through Asheville again the next time I need to do some thrifting!
Sandals: Gap, Belt: Thrifted, Dress: Thrifted


playing hooksies said...

wow, great photos! Pretty dress too!

Becca said...

love the dress you're wearing in these shots - it looks so relaxed, yet still cool. Perfect for summer. And, Asheville looks awesome, i'm digging how you shot these photos to accentuate the old timey feel of the place.

My Republic of Fashion said...

Really like your dress! Perfect for the hot summer weather.SarahD:)

Darling L said...

I love that blue dress! The pics are so sweet :)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

beautiful photos and your blue dress looks wonderful.

E said...

I love old buildings! You found and created such wonderful backgrounds for these photos!

Britta said...

I love the last picture. That blue dress is a great color and looks ridiculously comfy.

Diana said...

hi! I love thrifting too, but sadly there aren't any good places near my town that I know of. these pictures are great and look like the epitome of summertime!

hope you'll check out/follow my blog :)


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