Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marfa Marfa Marfa

El Cosmico

Marfa is one of the most eccentric, fantastic little towns I have ever been to. It is filled with beautiful old buldings, delicious food, the wonderfully stark scenery of the desert and of course the friendly Marfans. Marfa came to prominence when Donald Judd moved to Marfa in the 1970s and purchased numerous buildings in Marfa to house his works and those of his contemporaries. Many other incredible art venues have sprung up around Marfa including the awesome and eclectic Ballroom Marfa.

El Cosmico

We rolled in to Marfa fairly late and set up our tent at El Cosmico. El Cosmico was the perfect place to kick off our adventures. The campsite has eccentric sleeping options: luxurious yurts, teepees, and trailers with queen beds, hardwood floors and animal skin rugs. Since we’re on a pretty tight budget we opted to use our tent (which is home to us anyway). We still got to use the showers in the awesome bathhouse, which also has a huge bathtub in it, not something you expect to see while camping. We were happy to see it because we’d been camping out in the desert heat for a long time without showers. El Cosmico also has a few groves of trees with colorful hammocks hung in them, a communal area with a stove, and gardens with platforms above them which house comfy bean bags for relaxing on. That night we met a really fun young couple, Daniel and Kyle, originally from Austin but they are living in Sydney, Australia now. I was so jealous as that is one of my dreams! I’m sure one day soon I’ll make it out to Australia, but for now I have other exciting travelling to concentrate on.

El Cosmico

Daniel and Kyle had been to Marfa before so they took us into town, and we decided to go to a bar that I had heard of, Padre’s, and surprise surprise, Grass Widow, who are from my most recent city, San Francisco, were playing. We had delicious Texan food, Shiner Bock, and played pinball. While we were sitting in the beer garden we met some awesome Marfans, and eight of us piled into the back of their pickup truck and headed out to a beautiful abandoned house (which I really wanted to go back to to photograph but didn’t have time unfortunately) and then to the Marfa Alien Lights. Unfortunately there were no lights when we went because the moon was too bright, so I guess that means I’ll be back in Marfa sometime soon, because they sound like a pretty amazing sight.

El Cosmico

Outfit Details:

Sandals: Gap

Skirt: Thrifted school uniform

Belt: Thrifted

Velvet Tank: UO

Scarf: Stolen from my friend Ginger, I have to give it back to her when I see her in a few weeks!

More on Marfa next time I have internet!

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Gypsy Lee said...

Hello! I've just discovered your blog, and it's an adorable place! I'm a tried and true Texan but I have never made it out to Marfa. Our state is so big, it's easy to miss the good places. Thanks for an awesome post! I think Marfa is one of my next places to hit! Perhaps when it's not so deathly hot...!

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