Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bolinas Beach Day

Last week my lovely friend Karina and I went to Bolinas for a beach day. We enjoyed the amazing drive down, it was super clear and we could see far along the craggy coastline. It was a perfect Northern California beach day- more rugged and cold than hot and filled with tanning and surfing! Hopefully I will get a few of those as Elise and I depart on our road trip, especially since our first destination is L.A. When we arrived we stopped at the Coast Cafe for some comfort food. The kitchen put a heart on my burrito which I thought was so cute. After our filling lunch we wandered around the town and I bought a suitcase lined with red satin to store my high heels in from an antique store. There's a big bookstore in Bolinas which runs completely by donation; you leave a certain amount of money for "good" books, "awesome" books, etc. I also got some sweet grandma shoes in the Bolinas free shop which I am excited to wear. We had some Toffuti Cuties and I completely forgot how addictive they are, and so much more delicious than dairy ice cream sandwiches.
We headed down to the beach to run around and sing our heads off. Luckily there wasn't anyone around to watch us playing with crab shells and doing ballet in the sand. After awhile the wind scared us off and we headed back into SF to try some of the lovely wines at Heart and check out their gallery space.
We were too busy having fun for me to ask Karina to get a bunch of pictures of my outfit, but we managed to get one. I'm wearing a cute dress that I bought from The Painted Bird, and my favorite thrifted belt.

By the way, if you're looking for some delicious recipes for dinner tonight, head over to Karina's blog We Haight Cookbooks.

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