Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hoping for Heels

Steve Madden Heels

This is what you might call a "fantasy" outfit; i.e. I couldn't wear it out of the house. In fact, before I left I had to put on boots, tights, thick socks, a sweater and a huge puffy jacket. Not really that attractive in the end! I wish I could wear heels and tiny shorts and dresses but unfortunately the weather means that I can't. It's definitely going to test the limits of my creativity and my closet!

Heels: Steve Madden
Socks: H&M
Shorts: UO
Belt and Shirt: Thrifted
Bangles: Thrifted and Topshop

Steve Madden Heels

Lately it's been pretty cold in the evenings so my roommates and I have decided that we need to hire a homemaker who will stoke our fire and cook dinner for us in the evenings. By the time we get home from our ski jobs the house is very chilly because the fire has died down, and all we want to do is eat, but we have to spend ages bringing wood in and trying to rekindle the fire. I'm not really complaining though; there's nothing better than curling up beside a nice hot fire in the wintertime. Now if only I could find some warm and attractive items in my closet to wear while I'm lounging by the flames!
Any ideas on keeping warm in the chilly winter while still looking stylish?


Michal said...

LOVE THIS OUTFIT, even if it is just a dream. ):

I normally layer a couple pairs of tights, and wear legwarmers in the winter. If I'm wearing pants I wear my long underwear underneath. :D Also hats! If I'm wearing a hat I'm a million times warmer.

Lauren said...

It's funny, when I see you guys in the States bundled up in pretty sweaters and shearling boots, I kind of envy you. But I think snow and cold weather isn't really as nice as it seems on TV. It's still quite hot in the tropics, and shorts, dresses, and skirts are the way to go this season (and pretty much all year round).

Izzi said...

love the shoes! i hate season envy, whenever its winter, i cant wait to strip off the layers, and whenever its summer, i cant stop dreaming of woolen jumpers and tights!

i also agree with Michal on the hat thing, really works!!

Shallow Mallow said...

I love those heels of yours :) Not that they'd be wearable here right now either. Oh well, it 's a very cute dream look!

Kelly said...

Your legs look miles long! So sad you have to wait till spring to wear it out!

blouse said...

ahhh you are so right! haha!! that outfit is amazing!! the winter is horrific for the fashionable. *sigh*

wool tights from h&m are my fav for the season. buy them once and they'll last you for years!

and get a lot of coats that you adore. (thrift shops) cause your coat will be your outfit for months! haha!

wanna move to southern california with me? i deeply consider it every year around this time!


Hope Adela said...

i love your hair! this is such an adorable vintage look! =)


Amber Blue Bird said...

the weather is definitely testing the limits of my closet as well. I love the way you paired socks with your heels. I am gonna have to try that out.

Raquel said...

I really like that outfit, though I too couldn't wear it even inside the house in this cold December! Brrr!

Tiffany said...

Your shoes are really cute... and so is the rest of your outfit! It must be fun living in the snow and working at ski lodge, even if you can't wear heels. :)

Kristin, Golden Hearts Loves Vintage said...

your looking so cute with the shirt and shorts. ya i wish it was summer. so we can parade out assets. or at least not feel so bundled up.

Danielle said...

Winter dressing does pose a challenge...

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