Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Saks Fifth Avenue Velvet Dress

Wow! I'm sorry for having strayed from the blog for so long, work has really been catching up to me! This is our busiest season with so many tourists coming up to go skiing. It has been really tiring (I swear I've been eating about 6 meals a day to keep up, energy-wise!) but I love seeing my students improve. It's so exciting that for some of them my class is their first memory of getting out on the mountain. I still love teaching older kids with a bit more experience because I can take them on the lifts and on more difficult terrain (we do lots of making our skis into 'pizza' and then 'french fry' and they follow me down the mountain in a big train shape doing turns) but teaching the younger kids is rewarding too, because they go from never having skied before to being able to make it down the bunny slope.

Saks Fifth Avenue Velvet Dress

This was my Christmas outfit, which I of course only wore inside because it was snowing hardcore outside! The skirt I found in Beacon's Closet; it is from Saks Fifth Avenue and it is really lovely velvet and satin. I figured the only time I could ever wear it is at Christmas and I really wanted to pair it with some different textures so I added a lace DKNY top (also thrifted) and lace Accessorize tights. The belt is one of my favorite wardrobe items and was thrifted by my awesome mother. The shoes are Kelsi Dagger and were a TJ Maxx bargain. All in all a pretty bargainous outfit!
Remember, it is pretty much time to start posting your Little Women inspired outfits if you're joining in with The Pickwick Ladies. Check out our facebook page for pictures from our last book, Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales.

Saks Fifth Avenue Velvet Dress

How was your Christmas? Do any of you ski or snowboard?


Danielle said...

I love your outfit, looks very Christmas-y!
I have never been snowboarding or skiing, I'm far too clumsy! I'd love to experience it though! If only snow was warm, I don't deal with the cold well! :D

Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage* said...

love this outfit!!


Kelly said...

Love the skirt and belt - very festive! :)

archives said...

WOW that skirt is gorgeous!!! what an amazing find!

im a crappy skier, but i got my little brother (who is a christmas baby) a snowboard for his birthday! he was so excited. unfortunately, i cant teach him out to use it, though! ;)

Amber Blue Bird said...

your skirt is amazing and i love how you paired it with that wicked cool belt. oh and i cant wait to post my little women pics soon!

Aubsent From Texas said...

beautiful skirt! I like how you put it with the lace :)
I had a perfectly lovely Christmas. Best in years!
I have skied twice in my life and will be going for my third time in Feb!
Happy New Year!

Michal said...

Lovely outfit!

I ski (downhill & xcountry) but haven't gotten out yet this year. We just got a buttload of snow though so I should really hit the slopes soon...

Cicy said...

Super cute! Happy holidays!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

That belt is so sassy! It is such an eye catching piece!

Danielle said...

Your shoes are so cute! And I love your skirt and belt together.

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