Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mullet Madness



Hi lovely ladies!
Sorry to have been quiet on the blog! How do you 9-5ers do it? I was temping last week and with the time change I didn't have a chance to take any pictures. Now that I'm back to solely restaurant work I have plenty of daylight for photo sessions. The lovely Elise took these photos for me. We have hardly seen each other since our epic road trip and it was so good to hang out again. My weekend was much like last weekend, doggy walking at the shelter (someone adopt some of these cuties please!), thrifting, and taking photos of Brooklyn. Can you tell that I LOVE Brooklyn? Every time I walk around I am so happy. It is the perfect mix of run down industrial buildings, red brick, and green spaces. The graffiti is beautiful, and each day I stumble upon more that I like.



Also...I cut my hair. Can you tell? It turned out a little mullet-y, but that's ok, I think I'm badass enough to rock a mullet. If only I had the ovaries to have a legit mullet, that would be kind of awesome. When I was in elementary school my bus driver used to wear doc martens, play heavy metal, and shake her mullet around while we were driving to school. I thought she was pretty rad.
I am on such a velvet kick right now. I bought this dress from Topshop because I have been searching for a navy velvet dress for the longest time now. The only thing is, the quality is not that great. On the first day that I wore it, one of the seams ripped and I had to return it for another one. It's kind of sad because when I was in university I used to shop at Topshop all the time, and the quality was great. I still have some clothes from back then that I love wearing. It frustrates me how many of my favorite brands use materials which are such poor quality, and participate in other horrible workmanship practices. Has anyone else noticed a sudden shift, maybe in the past three years or so, to poorer quality clothes? Maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety, haha.



Boots, Purse, and Belt: Vintage/Thrifted; Dress: Topshop

Speaking of quality, I took sweet Amanda's pledge to only buy handcrafted or secondhand gifts this holiday season. I hope as many people as possible join in. You can put a button on your blog (click on the one on my sidebar, it will transfer you over to Amanda's blog where you can pick up the html) to show your support for this project. This is something that I feel really passionate about because I think our attitude at Christmas seems to be all about consume consume consume, when there are fantastic gifts to be found in vintage and thrift stores, secondhand bookshops, etsy, and a myriad of other places where we can reuse and support small businesses. Please let me (and Amanda!) know if you are taking the pledge, I am really interested to see how this project turns out. I think I'm going to tell my family to stop reading my blog in December just so I can post pictures of all of the pretty gifts I've been finding for them!



Also, please check out the Teen Vogue Fashion Click site to see all of the other wonderful bloggers whose posts are up. They are some stylish ladies!


Gosh sorry for this excessively long post! I just get carried away sometimes...is it weird that I imagine all of you reading this like I'm having a little chat with you? For reals, if any of you are in Brooklyn, lets get some tea and go thrifting!


amanda said...

i love the dress!!! i'm totally wanting a velvet maxi skirt, but am just a little bit scared of it. i've thought of buying on etsy but i think i need to try it on first :) and i'm so glad you wrote about the pledge! the more people that know about it and get excited about it, the better. i think it's a really cool deal. and i'm so glad you won the giveaway!!!!!

Shallow Mallow said...

Love your outfit :) and your hair looks really cute.

Your photos are just beautiful. :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

First off, Brooklyn looks great! Not a place I've ever been, but it seems cool. Secondly, you're right about quality at Topshop. I discovered it when I was in the UK in 2003/4 and loads of stuff I bought then I still have now, or until recently since I wore it all into the ground. Now I see stuff there, that's more expensive and the quality is much worse. I tried that dress on, actually, and thought it was really cute but that the quality didn't justify the price (for me). Finally bought a velvet dress on Etsy. Anyway, hope you have better luck with this new one!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you are so beautiful in that dress, you look like a saucy witch who lives on clouds and eats only ephemeral things, although all eaten things are ephemeral so I sound stupid trying to explain how adorable you look and how much I think you are such an expansive and interesting person and I love it when you talk about all the expansive and interesting projects you have going on in your life.

xx Jenny

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Great dress, I love it with your blonde hair (mullet or not). I agree with the quality thing lately... even more expensive brands are getting worse in quality!

Jasmine said...

I have been obsessed with velvet lately, though I don't think I'd be able to pull it off as well as you! These photos of Brooklyn make me miss NYC (and your loveliness) so incredibly much! The next time I'm there, you must show me around and we can take photos together :)

Kelly said...

What a great idea! I hope you post some of the things you find!

Michal said...

That dress is awesome!! Too bad the seam ripped. I definitely feel like brands are making their clothes cheaper now. It's one of the reasons I got so into thrifting in the past few years. I can get cheap, one-of-a-kind, secondhand clothes that are just as cool without sacrificing quality. (:

head over heels said...

broklyn always seems so colourful and alive - i so want to visit NY. I love your dress, i need more peterpan collars in my life :) x

Rio said...

Ooh I love the velvet! So pretty and lush! ;) I like your haircut, I think it's fun and springy, not mullety! But if anyone could rock a mullet, it would be you! :)

ABIGAIL NY said...

Great pictures and love the outfit too!!!


Polina said...

Awesome pictures, my favourite one is with the trees! But i love your outfit and THAT DRESS IS MAGIC. No kidding, it's so pretty and reminds me of a princess! Love it!

Lauren said...

I love Brooklyn too! Such a gorgeous, friendly neighborhood. Stayed there a couple of weeks last year and I had the most amazing time. You're so lucky to live there. :)

mode. said...

ooh, velvet! i love velvet. cute blog.

Louise said...

That dress is stunning! If that's a mullet, I want one! ;-)

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