Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bob Dylan meets the Eighties


Hmm...maybe it's because of my fake mullet, but I feel like a lot of 80's influences have been popping up in my wardrobe lately. Which is so last season, durrr, but I kind of love it. Although, I have to say I am really happy about the 70's thing that is happening right now. I am especially excited about finding the perfect pair of bell bottom jeans. I had the best ones when I was in middle school, with legs that were big enough to cover my big platform sneakers (did anyone else wear those?) and the perfect light wash. I'm hoping to have some thrifting luck in the next week when I'm home for Thanksgiving, and be able to bring home the perfect jeans, some grandpa sweaters, a poncho or two, and some great winter boots. That may be slightly optimistic, but I think I am definitely going to devote some serious time to scouring Goodwill and The Salvation Army!


This shirt was a great vintage buy, and I ripped the shoulder pads out as soon as I got it, but it still has some 80's thing going on with the sleeves. I decided to whip out a big gold belt to accent it, and then here's where the outfit gets a little weird...the Bob Dylan lower half. Look at those shoes man, he totally wears stuff like that!


Boots: DSW; Tights: Topshop; Shorts: UO; Belt and Blouse: Thrifted

Are you guys starting to get super excited for Thanksgiving? Because I am so ready whip out the veggie cookbooks and think of a really delicious vegetarian dish to steal a little of the turkey's limelight...even if he is cage free and organic!


amanda said...

fabulous blouse!!! sometimes i rip out shoulder pads IN the thrift store! i'm a bit of a rebel though and i want to make sure i'll like the fit. plus i figure the next person will thank me for doing the work for them in the event i don't keep the top!

Amber Blue Bird said...

shoulder pads are no friend of mine so ripping them out was a good call. Love the whole outfit especially the belt

Kenziefaith said...

I definitely love this outfit! That blouse looks awesome with those shorts.

I'm guilty of ripping shoulder pads out in the store! (Once I know I'm going to buy it.) They look horrible on me!

KF x

Eunice said...

love this! shoulder pads are a no no for me too. you look amazing!

Michal said...

I love the color of your blouse, & you're right, those are totally Dylan shoes. I LOVE 'EM.

Jasmine said...

Oh what I would give to go thrifting with you right now Lucy! Ah! That blouse is amazing on you, especially the rich color! Green is my favorite!

head over heels said...

your outfit is perfect, i love the shorts and the shirt was great find! i wish we celebrated thanksgiving over here :( x

E said...

This look is such inspiration! I never buy things in green and I need to! I really really want to find something like this gorgeous blouse!

Kelly said...

I love the shorts with tights - and the shoulders on the blouse are fantastic!

Starr Crow said...

you're amazing, my friend, and all over my tumblr!

In the Weeds and the Whimsy said...

Thanksgiving here I come. I always make cranberry sauce, by the gallon.

I love this look. Effortless and so dang cool all at once.

--weeds and whimsy--

First of August said...

Love the color of the gorgeous blouse!


First of August

the-caramel-lady said...

Yes, It's right! Eva Longoria is so amazing :)
Thanks for your comment.

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