Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thunder on the Lake

Lake Tahoe Storm

We've been having some pretty incredible storms lately in Tahoe. They remind me of when I was little growing up on the East Coast, watching the thunder and lighting from our porch. I love the way the air feels just before it rains, so heavy and humid!

Lake Tahoe Storm

Lake Tahoe Storm

I ran down to the beach to take these pictures because the sky looked so dramatic. It was pretty hard for me to capture how crazy the clouds looked; the sky was gray and it started pouring with rain right when I finished taking these.

Lake Tahoe Storm

Dress and Sandals: Volcom; Earrings: Target

Lake Tahoe Storm

Lake Tahoe Storm

It's the shoulder season here right now so work has really been slowing down a lot since there are no tourists around. It is a good time for all the locals to get together and go camping, see lots of music, and go on trips. My roommates and I have been making tons of plans; trying to get our travels in in the next six weeks before the snow comes. I can't wait for winter to start, my skis have been beckoning me from the closet and I've been having tons of dreams about skiing in powder!

Lake Tahoe Storm

What are you guys excited to do this fall before winter comes?


LENA said...

Great photos, I love them! :) I follow you!

head over heels said...

gorgeous photos and i love your hair :) i was hoping for some actual nice weather over here before winter settles in! x

Hanna said...

I don't know why I've never told you this, but you are like my blogging hero. You are one of the main reasons I started my blog; after I read every one of your posts! (not a stalker, promise!) I love these pictures and Im so glad you told me where your dress was from before I had to ask! fall. . .hmm just want it to be over so the snow is back! also I just wanted to tell you I nominated you for the versatile blogger award more details on my blog

eurostar deals said...

Lovely Photos, Pure Nature, You Look Stunning in this wonderful outfit!! Simply Loved Thick Dark Clouds at the Shore of Sea.. Marvelous!!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Simply beautiful. x hivenn

John Lewis Sale said...

Just loved the lake view and off course you and your dresses

orvis voucher codes said...

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