Monday, March 29, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

The spring weather we were having last week was so beautiful. Soon the wall behind me in these pictures will be absolutely covered with blooming climbing roses. I just planted lettuce seeds and the little sprouts have started poking their heads out of the ground. I only hope that this windy weather we've been having today doesn't scare them off.
I took these pictures last week on a beautifully sunny day. I've had the shorts forever but the belt they come with doesn't fit my waist right so I don't wear them very often. It was an exciting moment when I remembered that I had this belt languishing in a suitcase in my closet. I think the parrot brooch that I put on the front of the shorts makes the whole outfit look a little bit more unusual, and it pulls all of the other bright colors in the belt and scarf together.

Scarf: Topshop
Shirt: Lucky Jeans
Belt and Parrot Brooch: Thrifted
Shorts: French Connection
Shoes: UO

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