Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dirty Boots

shades of blue

shades of blue

shades of blue

Last night I had one of the most amazing times I've had so far in Tahoe, at a full moon party. It was held in this incredible little enclave in the woods, with 25 dub step DJs, an amazing view, some pretty spectacular light shows, and of course the full moon shining down on us all night! I went with my housemates and I managed to get them to dress up with me; I wore a flower crown and lots of glitter all over my face, and I put feathers in their hair. I hula hooped most of the night, and juggled with some LED light balls that my roommate Billy gave me. At one point a guy came up to me and told me that he thought he loved me, but I'm pretty sure he just liked my lights and my hula hoop a whole lot! Too funny. I love the community up here, everyone is super supportive, and I think I get to attend more art, music, and literary events than I did in New York, which is pretty impressive, considering the population of Tahoe City is only about 3,000 people!
Yesterday I bought a ton of veggies and made a little garden, so today I'm going to paint my planters and start brewing some Kombucha. We're making our little community in this house into a real home, and my housemates are such wonderful people. I love the vibe we've got going on; there's always someone playing music or cooking or doing something totally rad.

shades of blue

shades of blue

Boots: UO; Dress: Ross; Scarf, Brooch, Belt: Thritfed
This outfit is pretty similar to what I wore to the full moon party but I added two sweatshirts and a poncho on top because it was chillll-y! That airplane brooch pinned to my shoulder was a present from my roommate Rachel. She is an awesome thrifter!

shades of blue

shades of blue

What did you do to celebrate the full moon?


Rio said...

Ha, most of my boots are dirty too! It just means they're so cool, we've gotta wear them a lot! ;) I love your blue dress too, so summery! :) Tahoe is pretty rad, and I totally agree that it seems like there is always something going on... like a full moon party (which sounds awesome)!

elanor, said...

wow the full moon party sounds absolutely killer! id love to find something like that. :) maybe only in tahoe, heheh.

cute outfit! love the color on you!


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I am loving these colors! Beautiful!

Stef / Diversions said...

I love your outfit :)
It looks brilliant how the colour of your boots is repeated in your scarf and your airplane brooch is to die for!

Ashlyn, Matchless Vision said...

Tahoe sounds like a dream! I love that there is so much art support their. Each time you talk about it I want to visit more and more. Sounds like you had an amazing time at the full moon party, you looked great as well!

Frannie Pantz said...

A full moon party sounds like a great time indeed! I love your scarf and boots!

michal said...

That sounds aaaamazing. I want to go to a Full Moon party! I love your dress & that brooch is so awesome. That's great that your roommates are such chums.

xs said...

awoooooooo! it sounds like you're having a wonderful time with some awesome viben people!!

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