Friday, December 31, 2010

Little Women

Little Women

"I'd have a stable full of Arabian steeds, rooms piled with books, and I'd write out of a magic inkstand, so that my works should be as famous as Laurie's music. I want to do something splendid before I go into my castle - something heroic or wonderful - that won't be forgotten after I'm dead. I don't know what, but I'm on the watch for it, and mean to astonish you all, some day. I think I shall write books, and get rich and famous; that would suit me, so that is my favorite dream." - Jo

Little Women

This month's Pickwick Ladies Book Club read was Little Women, Mel's perfectly wintery pick. I had some trouble taking pictures for this one, because as you may have noticed, we had a big storm, and got 3 feet of snow! If you compare these pictures to the last ones I took in my backyard, you'll notice the difference. The snow was over my waist and I had to stomp it down so I could stand on top of it (a little bit...I'm still almost up to my knees!) to take these pictures. The lady from next door was peeking out of her curtains at me the whole time, I imagine it was quite a sight seeing me in my maxi skirt and cape tromping around in the freezing weather. Oh the things I do for this blog!

Little Women

The storms have been a little scary lately. A girl who works at my ski resort went snowboarding at Alpine Meadows and got lost in the backcountry. She got stuck in a tree well and died during the storms because they weren't able to send any search and rescue teams or helicopters to her because the weather was so bad. I am so sorry for her family and friends and hope that they experience so much support during this time. It was such a terrible thing to happen and has really worried and saddened the Tahoe community. The outpouring of support was absolutely incredible. Many people volunteered their skills to help find her, and I hope that that gives her family some comfort. Sorry to be talking about something so sad on this New Years Eve, but it has been preying on my mind lately and I think she deserves to be thought of by all of us who live in this area.

Little Women

I think this is just the thing Little Women's Jo would be doing in this weather; escaping outdoors in some warm clothes to find a quiet place to write. It was nice re-reading this book again, as I haven't thought about it in forever. I loved the movie when I was younger and had such a crush on Christian Bale, who played Laurie. The book is even more wonderful than the movie and is definitely a worthwhile read.

Little Women

Cape: H&M
Skirt: Vintage, Thrifted (Also here and here)

If any of you managed to take some Little Women inspired pictures please post a link in the comments and I will make sure that your pictures get up on our facebook page.

Little Women

Next month's book club pick is Tess of the D'Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. I would love to have lots of you join us in reading it!

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Years!

Little Women


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Little women is my favorite book and I also love the movie! I secretly wished I belonged in the March family and Jo and Laurie are my favorites! Christian Bale look so young and handsome in that movie! He's perfect for the role! It's easy to think that all the girls in the film have crushes on him :-)

I love your Jo-inspired outfit! Definitely something she would wear. I felt horrible about the news of the girl who got lost and died! I wish her family the best! Happy New Year!! xoxxoxooxoxo

Danielle said...

I have never actually read Little Women! I know, its shameful! I will have to get hold of a copy!
I am so sorry to hear about that poor girl, my thoughts are with her family.
The snow in these pictures is phenomenal, looks so pretty!
Hope you have a good New Year!

Sarah with an "h" said...

I love Little Women! And I love that quote. :)

So sorry to hear about that poor girl. I'll be sure and keep her friends and family in my prayers...

Happy New Year, Lucy. :)


Shallow Mallow said...

Sorry to hear about the girl from your resort.

Love your cosy Little Women inspired outfit. Jo is just the best with her can do attitude and stubborn ways :)

I already posted one of my Little Women inspired pics to the Pickwick BookClub Wall

Happy new year!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Thanks for sharing, that's what blogs are for!
Happy New Year!

Stacey Kay said...

Haha, nice rendition!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

A New Decade Has Begun…

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

please stay safe out there! it's horrible that such a horrible thing happened to that poor girl, and i hope her family is coping.

you look gorgeous, and it's very reminiscent of something jo would wear.

Amber Blue Bird said...

Love your outfit, it embodies Joe so well. I plan on posting my pics for this tomorrow. I am so sorry to hear about your co-worker. You have to be so careful in those kind of conditions and even a veteran skier can get lost with that much snow around. My heart goes out to her family.

Amber Blue Bird said...

Hello again miss Lucy,

I tried to post my link to the facebook page but am not sure if I did it right. The link is:

Thanks for your help.

captain kimi said...

I guess it's kind of inappropriate to glorify these loads of snow. It's so strange how the most wonderful things can become so dangerous.
anyway the photos are beautiful. They look so out of this world.

love, kimi

*Katia* said...

i'd like to partecipate to the next PLBK initiative,could you tell me how?just putting a link in your blog?

Danielle said...

Such a beautiful scenery!

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